Giant Bee! You're ... Crocheted!

Yeah, so one day I got bored and had some leftover yarn that just happened to be blue and purple and I made a Giant Bee.

Update! You can now buy a bee from me! they cost £15 + £3 p+p (in the UK). Very limited run (15 bees to be sold total, have sold 6, currently have 6 made and sitting next to me).

Giant bee now has legs and a stinger (9/7/03)

Bee relaxes on the patio
Bee attempts acrobatics on the washing line
Bee takes a little rest on the picnic table

This is Giant Bee v.1.0. He's sporting some rather true-to-form eyes and mouth made out of some sticky labels that were neatly drawn and cut out by me.

This is the final version of Giant Bee. Or at least until I get some accurately coloured yarn.

Copyright Heather Sullivan, 2002/2003